How We Generated Over$100,000 With Less Than $5k Advertising Budget,
Generating Less Than 
2000 Leads?
From The Desk Of Marcin and Mari

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur

Maybe you have been trying (and failing) to generate leads and make your home based business successful this has is for you....

Maybe you have been spinning your wheels for a while...

Maybe you have tried to set up 5 or more businesses/opportunities before and still no results...

Maybe you find it hard to find figuring out where to find new people to talk to about your business?

Well, that's exactly I felt not that long ago...

The next 12 minutes might change everything for you and your business...

IF… you STOP what you are doing right now and pay attention to every word on this page.

There are SERIOUS Challenges...
Our Industry Is Full Of Lies...
I have to share with you the bad news.

There is a lot of “crap” being sold online right now that will never help you.
  • "Turn Key Systems..."
  • "One Click Buttons Programs..."
  • "Magic Pills..."
But there’s something even worse than all the “junk” products out there.

Even the really good products can leave you confused, frustrated and broke.

Do you ever feel like you’re just desperately “chasing” after the money?

As if it’s always just out of reach?
The Real Problem with Making Money Online is That…
Internet Marketing is Complicated!

It’s true.

And no matter what some of these shady hucksters online will tell you… there is no such thing as easy, auto-mated push button income online that takes zero work. 

The reality is that… internet marketing does take a lot of work! 

AND… there are certain things you simply MUST have in your business if you want to see profits.

And I can virtually guarantee that right now you are missing several of these important elements.

That’s why I’ve created my proven Step-by-Step Online Money Getting System Blueprint. 

So you will know exactly what you MUST have and what you don’t need. 

So you can stop wasting money on useless info-products and worthless programs and instead FOCUS on just the few simple activities that will actually bring money into your bank account! 

So you can finally start seeing DAILY commissions in your inbox too:

But... There are SERIOUS Challenges
Standing in Your Way Right Now!

Let me be very clear…

I Know Exactly What You Need to Succeed Online And it’s a lot more than some hyped-up “push button” program those scammers online are trying to sell you.

If You Want to Make Money Online Here Is What You NEED:

  • A high converting lead capture page to get leads
  • A valuable “lead magnet” or bribe to offer your leads
  • A well designed, high converting sales funnel to convert your leads into sales
  • A high converting front end offer to acquire customers
  • A back-end "up sell" funnel to get repeat buyers and increase your profits
  • A high quality email follow up campaign to build a relationship with your leads and get more sales
  • Valuable and engaging content (videos and articles) to build your relationship and convert more sales
  • Additional offers and products to maximize your profits and guarantee you don’t loose money
  • A great source of quality traffic that will bring you unlimited traffic and leads to fuel your business

And that’s just the basics!

The reality is it would take you months to build everything you need to succeed online like those top marketers receiving their awards on stage with me.

 And that’s if... you already know what you are doing and know how to build websites and sales funnels.

You Don't Need More Information...

More information will give you more options, more possibilities and hence more choices for you to make.

And more choices lead only to confusion.

I know you can relate.

  • More information is NOT going to get you more money now.
  • More information will make you more overwhelmed & confused
  • More information will only make you unsure of what you should be doing NEXT
You Don’t Need Any More Info-Products, Hyped Up Biz-Ops,or Scammy "Push Button" Make Money Software...
You Need A SYSTEM!

And it doesn’t even matter what products, programs or offers you want to promote!

This is about YOU finally knowing the exact blueprint that all the highest paid marketers on the internet are using to rake in commissions day after day. 

A simple and PROVEN Step-by-Step Blueprint that you can follow to create leads and sales… FAST!

Just like our members are doing every day! 

I will share with you strategies that I shared in Jamaica to a private group of entrepreneurs who paid over $50,000 to attend. 

Why Should I Listen to You...?
I’ve been earning a full time income from home or whilst traveling to industry events on the Internet since 2009.

I started in direct sales back in 2009 building my business across 17 countries.

I have been recognised for generating over $100,000 within a very short period of time
  • While Generating less than 2,000 leads
  • While spending on paid advertising less than $5,000
I’ve trained hundreds of aspiring marketers all around the world.

Currently I am a full-time Professional Online Marketer, Speaker, Business Coach and Sales Trainer and I travel the world with my family training aspiring Online Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

These are the types of private Masterminds I get to participate in and Speak where attendees have paid up to $50,000 each to attend!

Imagine... What If...?
But What If...

All of the critical elements of your Online Profits were already built for you…?

What if…

You could simply plug in to our Done-For-You System and leverage all of the critical elements I listed above that are already built for you?

Say GOOD-BYE to worrying about…
  • What you need to do next
  • How to create websites
  • How to build capture pages and sales funnels
  • How to write effective sales copy
  • How to write engaging emails
  • What products or programs to sell
  • How to create your own products
  • Writing endless blog posts
  • Creating hundreds of videos
  • Talking to people on the phone
  • Closing sales and handling objections
  • And much much more...
How Are You Different?
Wireless Income Team (WIT) is a community of likeminded individuals who share, give, help each other in order to make the financial freedom journey fast, fun and memorable. 

We are committed to the vision of creating a full time income from any location using online strategies.

  • Why do some people spend day and night in front of the computer and get few dollars while others travel, have fun and earn 5 or 6 figures effortlessly working 3-4h a day?
  • Are there shortcuts to succeeding online?
  • Why do some people succeed at levels beyond imagination, while others struggle?
As a team, we give several bonuses to all our members

Access to Wireless Income Academy – Online Gym

Access to Inner Circle Private Facebook Group – training, community & support

We give ready made Custom Sales Funnel

We will give you a Private Coach
(all MTTB members)

You will get 21 Steps that will give you insights to set up a 6 figure online business (all MTTB members)

You will get 30 day traffic training (all MTTB members)

We give access to the: WorkOut Partner Program

You will experience: Fun while learning how to earn from anywhere you want to live

What Training Do You Guys Provide?
  • Weekly Webinar Training
  • Weekly Fast Track Mastermind (MLR and above)
  • WorkOut Partner Program
  • Bootcamps and Getaways
  •  Google Hangout Trainings
  •  Wireless Income Academy training platform – “Online Gym to Your Financial Freedom” - over $2,000 worth of training, it covers free advertising strategies, paid advertising strategies, right psychology, right activities, right marketing.
Inside the Wireless Income Academy you will find over $2,000 worth of training that will transform you, your time and your business. It covers free advertising strategies, paid advertising strategies, right psychology, right activities, right marketing.

Why Do You Call It A Gym?
Making money on the internet is a bit like going to the gym and working out to grow your muscles.

You need to develop competences like you need to develop your muscles. You work with an instructor to grow muscles. You will choose your own WorkOut Partner. The program has clear assignments and it helps to transform a newbie into a solid internet marketer.

After 12 weeks of following the plan and using the system you will develop muscles and your body will experience a radical transformation. Internet marketing muscles that you will develop include:
  • Driving Traffic Skills
  • Lead Generating Skills
  • Converting Leads to Sales Skills
  • Facebook Marketing Skills
  • Content Creation and Distribution Skills
  • Video Marketing Skills
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Piggyback Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • and many more!
That’s why Wireless Income Academy is an “Online Gym to Your Financial Freedom”. 
What will I Learn Inside Wireless Income Academy?
You will notice that Wireless Income Academy is divided into these 3 sections. 

 1. The Right Psychology 
Why do you need it first? 

Because business is a sport for gladiators and the hardest job is always done in your mind. People struggle not because they cannot do something, they struggle because of limiting beliefs. 

80% of your success is psychology. Mechanics are easy, it is only 20%. In this section you will receive very important assignments that will instantly make you stand out above 98% of marketers. 

However if you skip them and start with marketing strategies (as most people do), most likely you will struggle or even worse you will move from a strategy to strategy or a business opportunity to a business opportunity. While coaching hundreds of people, I have seen many people fall victim to that sequence. 

2. The Right Activities  
Why do you need to know this? 

Because there are rules in the internet marketing game that you need to learn before you get busy. I am sure you know people who work day and night, 12-15 hours a day, just to earn a few dollars. While others have fun, enjoy life and earn 5-6 figures with little effort. 

The difference is the ability to understand and focus on these three powerful concepts: MMA, HVA and OPT.
  • MMA stands for Money Making Activities
  • HVA stands for High Value Activities
  • OPT stands Other People's Time - the power of Outsourcing
3. The Right Marketing
Why is marketing only third in the sequence? 

Because too many people start with marketing strategies without setting their minds to win and understanding of rules of the IM game first. They start with no clarity (WWWW+H), they do not understand the rules of the game (MMA, HVA, OPT) and they fail fast. 

However, once you have the right psychology and you know the right activities, it’s time to focus on real marketing strategies that actually work these days. Strategies that will bring you a tsunami of traffic, leads and sign ups. 

So yes, there are shortcuts to succeeding online, Psychology, Productivity, Marketing. Yes, you have to do all three steps and you have to do it in the right sequence. It’s a bit like with phone numbers, you might know the digits but you have to put them in the right order to be able to dial successfully. 

Can You Show Me Some Results?
Our Mission Is To Help 100 Families To Get
5 Figures This Year
The journey continues and every day is another opportunity to make it better, more fun and improve what we do by at least 1%. 

Here are some of the results we have managed to achieve.

Team Victories
Why Top Tier Business?
  • Same effort, much faster results
  • Attract high quality and serious people
  • Play a much bigger game
  • Work less and get more
How Can I Start And What Do I Do?
If you are ready to be part of Wireless Income Team, click on the button below, create your account and you will receive the following:
  • Access to MTTB - My Top Tier Business platform
  • Access to 21 steps to set up a six figure online business
  • Private coach who will walk you through the 21 steps
  • 30 days traffic training
  • Access to Wireless Income Academy
  • We will add you to our Inner Circle Private Facebook group - Wireless Income Team
  • And the exciting journey is about to officially begin today
What Do I Get?
Plus, being part of the team, you will get all the  Bonuses!

Access to Wireless Income Academy – Online Gym

Access to Inner Circle Private Facebook Group – training, community & support

We give ready made Custom Sales Funnel

We will give you a Private Coach
(all MTTB members)

You will get 21 Steps that will give you insights to set up a 6 figure online business (all MTTB members)

You will get 30 day traffic training (all MTTB members)

We give access to the: WorkOut Partner Program

You will experience: Fun while learning how to earn from anywhere you want to live

Here’s the deal… We are ONLY looking for a small group of students to work with. 

We’ve set this program up in a very unique way so YOU can benefit from ALL of the incredible training and tools and bonuses we’ve put together for one very low investment TODAY.

You either see the value here… and want to work with us and our dream team… or you don’t.
WE are fully confident that ONLY the right people will get started with us right now.

You can partner up with us now… and leverage the promotional power and authority we have in the marketplace so YOU GET PAID… or you can wait around and watch others succeed in your place.

It’s now up to you. You’re success is fully in your hands.

We are ready to welcome you on our team and get to work.

Are YOU Ready?

Getting started with our Wireless Income Team Program is easy and we’ve made it one of the easiest decisions you will EVER have to make!

By integrating our program directly with MTTB (My Top Tier Business) and MOBE we are able to offer you everything on this website (that’s $6519.00 worth of training & bonuses) for a tiny ONE-TIME INVESTMENT.

When you partner with our team today and grab your MTTB program at the link below you get access to EVERYTHING on this website.

What Others Are Saying
Matt Lloyd
CEO of MOBE,Generated of $100 mln
"I don't often give out my endorsement but I did want to give one to Marcin and Mari
These guys are very serious about their online business... if you want to learn how to generate commissions online from home, do whatever you need to do to work with these guys, reach out to them, ask them for help and they will show you exactly how you get results in this industry."

"Just a quick shout out out to Marcin, my Polish brother... He taught on several different strategies, specifically his Facebook ATM Machine strategy, I gotta tell you he blew everybody away with such a very specific strategy and such an incredible understanding of marketing and how to get the most out of your marketing dollars…

If you're looking for a mentor somebody to work with, somebody that's got a proven system to help you create results and success in your business quickly, Marcin is definitely the guy that's going to work with you and help you achieve your goals and dream."

Norbert Orlewicz
CoFounder of MLSP, Multiple 7 Figure Earner
Steven Bransfield
Coach, 6 Figure Earner
"I got the opportunity to see him speak on stage just recently. And I met him one year ago almost today and seeing how far he's become he's absolutely amazing I mean he is absolutely killing it in the business.

Having somebody like Marcin who's running his own traffic, knows that was working out strategies. Being able to partner with somebody like that is going to help you accelerate your income, accelerate your growth, you know, shortcut your path to success. So my best advice for you is reach out to Marcin right now."

"I've been fortunate and privileged enough to actually see him rock the stage on two separate sessions on facebook, mindset and business. Let me tell you something about Marcin, he is an incredibly heart center entrepreneur and actually I really resonate with folks like that because it's beyond the numbers themselves is about helping people... He has terrifically built his own community."
Ian Billingham
Online Entrepreneur, Video Marketing Expert
Jon Roberts
Online Entrepreneur from Tampa
"I spent an awful lot of time on facebook and I realized, you know what, I should figure out a way to make money doing that rather than just fooling around with it. There's a gentleman named Marcin, he was just an amazing as a trainer this week I've learned an awful lot and I will be putting together a couple of campaigns with some people to market some online events and some live events."
"We have learned the most, we've got the most value out of listening to Marcin and his wife Mari. I'm telling you right now you have to get to one of these events where they are at, because the content that you're going to get is so valuable. I mean, it’s worth more than what we pay to come to this because to be honest with you, because what we learnt it’s gonna take us to a million dollars."
Paul Gibat
Online Entrepreneur from Arkansas
Joe Kennedy
Master Coach, Multiple 6 Figure Earner
"If you get a chance to work with Marcin you're in great hands. Marcin is really good at taking resources that are available to you in a system, that might overwhelm many people…

When Marcin gets the information and gets resources handed to him, he stops and he looks at the bigger picture and decides how can I use these to implement as tools and increase my skillset or sophistication as an internet marketer.
And that's exactly what you get with Marcin.

If you get a chance to work with him in a business, he will do those exact same things with you showing you how to turn what might overwhelmed individuals into actionable items, things that are going to grow your business."

"I'm here to speak about Marcin. I have just worked with Marcin on a couple things with some internet marketing problems that i had. And i have to tell you that Marcin is really authentic… you brought up a perspective to me today that really kind of brought a shift into my mindset."
Tasha Cooney
Video Marketing Expert
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The Right Psychology Game Plan

One of my most VALUABLE exclusive tutorials and exercise where I get my coaching clients to complete is actually “The Right Psychology Game Plan”. You will follow the assignment to identify the key psychological triggers that separate losers from winners.

  • 99% of marketers FAIL online because they don’t set the right psychology in place and for this reason they chase the shiny objects
  • Instantly overcome confusion, frustration and overwhelm by focusing on the most important business building activities.
  • Quickly gain clarity and design a plan so you know EXACTLY what you need to do next
  • Save yourself thousands of dollars of wasted money by never buying unnecessary info-products and courses.
  • Save yourself thousands of dollars of wasted money by never buying unnecessary info-products and courses.
  • And much, much more...



The Rules of The Game Training

Every sport has a set of rules that you need to follow. For example in basketball you can touch the ball with hands but you cannot kick, in football the rules are totally opposite, you can kick the ball but you cannot touch the ball with your hands. Do you know the rules that govern online marketing fields. In this short “Game Changing”  training, I show you the THREE big shifts you MUST make that will Instantly Multiply the amount of money you are making right now.

  • Why the advice to “Find someone who has what you want and just do what they did to create success” is the WORST piece of advice you can follow
  • The “Hidden” reasons why you have struggled to make a lot of money - and how to quickly “get on the right path”
  • The secret knowledge that will allow you to make a LOT more money by working a lot LESS
  • The ONE shift I made that took me from 6 years of struggle and failure to making $2.2 million online in 12 months!
  • And much, much more...



The Truth About Traffic

In this rare and exclusive 2 hour presentation, my good friend and 8 figure online marketer reveals the myths and mistakes that most online marketers are making that keeps them struggling to get traffic… while the smart marketers know that “getting traffic is easy!”

  • Why 99% of online marketers LOOSE MONEY paying for traffic and the ONE thing you must do BEFORE you start getting traffic
  • Why focusing on the c______ and the e______ of your business is much more important than focusing on traffic
  • The secret formula to getting instant traffic on demand and never have to pay a dime out of your own pocket
  • How to scale your business from a $136 a month to over $344,657 per month
  • The RIGHT things you must focus on when advertising your online business that will let you spend less and make a LOT more
  • Why you MUST strategize your marketing BACKWARDS to how you might think and how this shift will get you more traffic, leads and sales INSTANTLY
  • And much, much more...

$197 VALUE


4 Step Formula To Follo Up Leads

You don’t need tens of thousands of website visitors when you understand HOW TO CONVERT leads into sales! This Exclusive Guide complete that Will Teach You Exactly What YOU Need To do to follow up your leads successfully using these 4 simple and powerful steps. 

  • Discover free tool that you can install inside your gmail and be able to see the quality of your leads
  • Learn how to maximise the ROI you are getting from your marketing dollars
  • Find a way to connect with your leads through multiple channels
  • This four step formula will help you to bring many more sales from exactly the same amount of leads
  • Learn how to identify which of the leads is strong, hot and which one is a waste of time 
  • And much, much more...


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Right Now You Have 2 Choices:
1.  You can go back to chasing after “shiny-objects”, wasting your hard earned money on more scams, get-rich quick programs, and the next business opportunity, endlessly spinning your wheels, losing more money and more time.


2.  You can finally learn what it REALLY takes to succeed online and start building a REAL sustainable and profitable online business just like the tens of thousands of students I’ve trained over the years.

If you are flat out tired of failing and are truly ready to plug into and leverage what we have already built for you then you need to get my Blueprint TODAY!

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To Your Success,
Marcin and Mari

P.S. If you’ve read this far, I know you are truly serious about finally creating success online and I am more than excited to work with you and show you exactly how my students have built 4 and 5 figure businesses following the steps in The Wireless Income Academy!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If FOR ANY REASON you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and content of the Blueprint you are fully protected with my Zero Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund Guarantee. You have a FULL 90 DAYS to try out the product and if you are not satisfied simply ask for a full refund!

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