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FROM THE DESK OF Marcin & Mari

Maybe you have been trying (and failing) to generate leads and make your home based business successful this has is for you....

We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with information overload, and when nothing seems to be working. I have been there and worn the t shirt.

Maybe you have been spinning your wheels for a while...

Maybe you have tried to succeed with several businesses/opportunities before and still no results... I can relate to that.

Well, that's exactly I felt not that long ago...

The next 12 minutes might change everything for you and your business...

IF… you STOP what you are doing right now and pay attention to every word on this page.

It hasn't been an easy ride, but like I said I finally cracked the code, and today you will too.

I've trained thousands of students world wide on how to create a full time income from the internet, and am proud to boast that many of my students have now become 5/6 figure earners. 

We're now on a mission to give back and create new success stories.

OUR VISION for this year is to help:

  • to help 100 families to generate 5 figures online this year
  • to help 10 families to generate 6 figures online this year 

"Everything about this system exceeded my expectations! It is the epitome of what I’ve always been looking for in a business model online! I highly recommend you check it out! I have now done over $243,633.41 working part time!"

Carolina Millan

"For years I searched for a hands free High Ticket system, that would sell products for me on complete autopilot! This is it, I'm so excited by this! I have managed to earn over $1.3 Million in under 12 months!

Shaqir Hussyin
150 Million Dollar Cash Cow
This year alone, we have paid out over 25 Million Dollars in commissions to thousands of people like you, in 37 countries around the world. In the next 3 years we are set to pay out another 150 Million Dollars in automated commissions! Do You Want To Be Next? Say YES today, and claim your share of this very big cash cow right now, before it's too late...
No Technical Skills Needed
These days it's near enough impossible for the average person to make a
decent income online. Ineffective, outdated, and over hyped systems plague this industry.

After seeing so many people getting burnt, and struggling to make real money, I was on a quest to find a solution that would work for the 'little guy'. Something that works 100%.

I had heard from a few 'insider' friends about a secret 'by application only' done for you marketing system they were using to generate $10,000 - $100,000+ per month in fast automated income, just by driving simple leads into ready made high ticket sales funnels.

Luckily for me I submitted my application and got accepted, and what I discovered blew my mind. No matter whether you are a complete newbie who has never made a dime online, or a seasoned vet - If you are accepted, you can use this system to bank big money, and it's backed by a very strong 100% GUARANTEE.

Without ever needing to do anything complex:

    > Never Create A Product

    > Never Build A Website

    > No Programming Needed

    > No Merchant Accounts Needed

    > No Customer Service Needed

    > No Selling Needed

    > No Technical Skills Needed

    > No Sales Funnels Needed

    > No Experience Needed

High Ticket Commissions
(The Secret Sauce)

"The Worlds Only Online Marketing System That Allows You To Make 100% Automated Commissions Of: $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, And Even $10,000 Per Sale!"

With most Internet Marketing programs, you’re looking at making tiny commissions of $25 - $50 per sale (on average).

Now let’s say your ideal income to leave the rat race and or live your dream lifestyle is $10,000 per month.

At $25/sale => you need 500x$25 sales = $10,000.

At $50/sale => you need 250x$50 sales = $10,000.

This is just not realistic for most newbie marketers to achieve.

When you make the decision to join our company and submit your application, as soon as you get accepted, you can plug into our fully automated done for you sales system that will do all of the selling for you. We know exactly how to sell in demand, expensive high ticket products and services.

Products and services that would be impossible for you to create and sell on your own.

All you have to do is follow our quick 21 step video training program, and drive leads into the ready made sales funnels we will provide for you. We take care of the rest.

Every time our fully trained sales team make a sale for you, we deposit commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, all the way up to $10,000+ directly into your bank account.

I wish I could make it sound more complicated than that, but I can’t.

We give you full on training on how to generate the leads, and our superior sales system and fully trained sales team then turn your leads into high ticket sales for you.

You point your leads towards the system, and we deposit commissions into your bank account every time we make a sale for you.

With this advanced done for you system, let’s look at how it can accelerate your income to reach your target of $10,000 a month in commissions…

At $1,250 per sale you’d need to make 8 sales per month.

At $3,300 per sale you’d need 3 sales per month.

At $5,500 per sale you’d need 1.8 sales per month.

At $10,000 per sale you’d need 1 sale per month.

Can you see now why we have complete newbies with 0 experience reaching multiple 6 figures a month in sales, sometimes within weeks? The secret is in selling high ticket products...

Done For You Sales System
-100% Automated-

Selling high ticket products is the first step to you making a high end 6 - 7 figure income online. This is the 'hidden' secret behind all the successful earners, and millionaire Internet Gurus.

However, selling high ticket products yourself is not an easy task, it takes a lot of work. When you join our system today, you will get access to our proprietary 'done for you' sales system that has taken over 5 years to develop and does all the selling for you.

Once you join, you will be given full step by step training on how to implement everything. It's as simple as 5 easy steps:


Join our private invite only high converting affiliate program, and 21 step training system 'MTTB.'

You can do that by Clicking Here.


Select from our ever expanding library of pre built high converting lead capture systems, or ready made sales funnels to promote.


Follow our step by step traffic training videos, and drive leads into the system.


Our custom email campaigns will immediately start communicating with your leads. Our fully trained, professional telesales team will call up your leads, and build a relationship, deliver value, then sell them our high ticket programs.


Every time we make a sale for you, you earn a massive 50% commission! Earn automated commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and $10,000 per sale!

(Wired to your bank every 2 weeks).

This is the fastest and easiest way to get to a $10K+ per month earning level online with no hassles. We have thousands of case studies which include complete newbies with no experience reaching six figures in income fast.
Here's What You Will Get:

Instant access to 'MTTB', our done for you direct sales system and high ticket affiliate program that deposits $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and $10,000 commissions into your bank account (complete with our flagship 21 step lead generation & training program).

You'll get done for you product fulfillment, payment solutions and customer service so you can focus on the easy part: following our step by step traffic training and generating leads.

Get access to your very own business mentor who will guide you through your journey so you will have someone by your side 24/7 helping you build your business. Your coach is already a bonafide six figure earner, and they will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

You'll have our fully certified and professional phone sales team at your disposal. They will be calling all of your leads, and closing your sales FOR YOU. This is where the real leverage of this system comes in, and how you make 24/7 automated high ticket commissions.

You'll have insider access to our ever expanding suite of the MOST effective sales funnels and high ticket products online. These products and funnels are private, and for members only.

Access to the most cutting edge strategies to generate traffic online, including YouTube, Facebook, Google, PPV, Banner Ads, Solo Ads and more. You will get full step by step training on how to generate the most leads, for the cheapest price.

You'll get motivational and tactical training & strategies that are working right NOW from the Top Earning Experts in marketing. We are the only company in the world that get our top affiliates to show you exactly what they are doing to create success. Everything is divulged, no holes barred.

You don’t have to be an expert to make money with this system. The system is designed to work for anyone who puts it into action.  Success stories continue to POUR IN, daily.

New marketers with little or no experience in this industry are finally seeing results. People who had NEVER achieved success, are now making money. Many in their first or second week!

You see, there’s something special about this system. It allows ordinary people to follow a proven process that can’t get saturated, and earn real high ticket commissions. It allows newbies to start playing on a level playing field with the gurus. It gives honest people like us an opportunity to create a real income, working part time from home.
Do You Want To Be My Next Success Story?
Over the last 6 years I have trained thousands across the world on how to build a successful online business from home. My team has one of the highest if not the highest duplication in the entire company - according to Matt. 

Now, I have a secret weapon in my hand that is more powerful, better tools, better strategies that help regular people with no previous experience to generate results.  

I am looking for the right committed people who are tired of their current way of life, and ready to follow my instructions, and take massive action. Is that you? If it is, I am willing to go all out for you and give you an unfair advantage. But before I tell you about that, look at the results others have got from personally working with me:
And starting today, their success can be yours! If you are ready to sky rocket your income, and work with me personally, I have something very special for you
(for fast action takers only)
Why Join Today &
Why Join Me....
There's no doubt I have the marketing money making wizardry to help average people make extra-ordinary amounts of income. Although I don't guarantee your level of income.
I do know this, more people have made 6 & 7 figures after working with me than anyone else.
This is the ultimate shortcut online. Look, I am all about fast-tracking my success - and hacking my way to achieving goals. So I wanted to give you the shortest, fastest route to success I possibly could, so you can sit back on the beach and relax while your sales roll in on complete autopilot.
  •  Completely automates your online marketing and frees up your time to spend as you wish - with your family and loved ones, with friends, traveling the world, other projects, sunbathing on the beach, it’s up to you
  •  Makes you more money than you ever dreamed possible. When you combine the credibility and conversion power, then leverage that with this exciting new traffic source, you’ll be astounded by the sheer volume of cash it pumps out
  •  You choose the amount of traffic you want - whether you want a handful of people a day, or thousands per hour, you can set the level to whatever you are comfortable with
  •  Lets you sell high-ticket items. Believe it or not, it’s just as easy to sell a high priced product of say $2,000 or more, as it is to sell a $7 product. The exact same principles apply, but to get to $10,000 a month you only need 5 sales at $2k, but at a $7 price point you need a whopping 1,429 sales! This way - you get richer, quicker
  •  Gives you sky-high conversion rates...because there’s nothing I hate more than driving a large amount of traffic to a page - and having it fall on it’s face, converting at 1%, or 5%, when the fact is this system converts at over 50% on a consistent basis
  •  Expert positioning - become the ‘guru’ in your niche or industry without spending decades slowly climbing the so-called ‘ladder of success’ - here’s how you can leapfrog the competition and become the go-to source in your niche
What Industry Leaders Say About Marcin Marczak...
FREE Bonuses
(The Unfair Advantage. Expiring Soon)
Get Access To Highly Targeted Leads For Your Business
Our traffic consistently launches regular people to the top of affiliate leaderboards. After spending 5+ years building relationships, and testing

I've prepared special bonuses that I will give away to people who take action fast. Why because money loves speed. 
 FAST-START BONUS #1 - "7 Step Formula to Multiple 6 Figures"
 My personal training. It will outline the exact steps you need to take; the ads we use, the places we advertise, what we say and how we say it - everything you will need! PLUS - you’ll get a done-for-you sales funnel ready to use. Value at $997
FAST-START BONUS #2 - "7 Key Metrics to Rapid Growth"
I recording of my private training that I give to my best clients who are ready to start fast to $10K per month - even if you’re brand new and have never done this before. $497
#FAST-START BONUS #3 - “The $10K Weekend” 
Exclusive Webinar Training. This was an ultra exclusive presentation I did for a recent group of private workshop attendees where you will learn how you can add an extra $3-$10K per weekend doing special promotions to the IMF LIVE events. 
You have to act now if you want to claim these insane bonuses as they will be gone very soon. I am committed to make you succeed fast if you are willing to take action.
You Can't Lose Guarantee
We are 100% confident that if you follow our step by step training program you 'have to' succeed. So we are putting our money where our mouth is and doing something that no one else in this industry has the guts to do, because they can't.

If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Now if you like what you see, then we GUARANTEE that if you sign up to this program today, and follow the steps, you have to make your first sweet commission within 30 days of implementing the training or we will not only give you a refund, but pay you $500 CASH for wasting your time.

That should show you how serious we are about your success, and how powerful this training actually is. If you follow the steps, you will succeed period. We have thousands of success stories pouring in daily that proves the superiority of this system. It's your turn now.

You have seen everything in this letter, you have heard about the amazing success stories, and deep down you can feel this is the break you have been waiting for. Do the only smart thing you can, and click the button below to sign up right away. If you do it now you still have a chance to claim all of my fast action bonuses, and work with me personally.

 Click the button below to get started right now. I will see you on the inside.
To your rapid success,

Marcin and Mari
P.S. By now I’m sure you realise that if you don’t get started right now, everything will stay exactly the same. You’ll be sitting there on your computer, wondering what life could have been like, if you weren’t too scared or busy to take action.

But if you make the decision that you’ve already decided to make today, you’ll feel confident and relieved and excited that you are in control of your future.

That you have everything you need to turn things around, and get everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself and your family.

As my old man once said “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

Make a decision, click this link, and get started today.

Can I See Some Results That The System Works?
Matt Lloyd
CEO of MOBE,Generated of $100 mln
"I don't often give out my endorsement but I did want to give one to Marcin and Mari
These guys are very serious about their online business... if you want to learn how to generate commissions online from home, do whatever you need to do to work with these guys, reach out to them, ask them for help and they will show you exactly how you get results in this industry."

"Just a quick shout out out to Marcin, my Polish brother... He taught on several different strategies, specifically his Facebook ATM Machine strategy, I gotta tell you he blew everybody away with such a very specific strategy and such an incredible understanding of marketing and how to get the most out of your marketing dollars…

If you're looking for a mentor somebody to work with, somebody that's got a proven system to help you create results and success in your business quickly, Marcin is definitely the guy that's going to work with you and help you achieve your goals and dream."

Norbert Orlewicz
CoFounder of MLSP, Multiple 7 Figure Earner
"I've been fortunate and privileged enough to actually see him rock the stage on two separate sessions on facebook, mindset and business. Let me tell you something about Marcin, he is an incredibly heart center entrepreneur and actually I really resonate with folks like that because it's beyond the numbers themselves is about helping people... He has terrifically built his own community."
Ian Billingham
Online Entrepreneur, Video Marketing Expert
Jon Roberts
Online Entrepreneur from Tampa
"I spent an awful lot of time on facebook and I realized, you know what, I should figure out a way to make money doing that rather than just fooling around with it. There's a gentleman named Marcin, he was just an amazing as a trainer this week I've learned an awful lot and I will be putting together a couple of campaigns with some people to market some online events and some live events."
"We have learned the most, we've got the most value out of listening to Marcin and his wife Mari. I'm telling you right now you have to get to one of these events where they are at, because the content that you're going to get is so valuable. I mean, it’s worth more than what we pay to come to this because to be honest with you, because what we learnt it’s gonna take us to a million dollars."
Paul Gibat
Online Entrepreneur from Arkansas
Joe Kennedy
Master Coach, Multiple 6 Figure Earner
"If you get a chance to work with Marcin you're in great hands. Marcin is really good at taking resources that are available to you in a system, that might overwhelm many people…

When Marcin gets the information and gets resources handed to him, he stops and he looks at the bigger picture and decides how can I use these to implement as tools and increase my skillset or sophistication as an internet marketer.
And that's exactly what you get with Marcin.

If you get a chance to work with him in a business, he will do those exact same things with you showing you how to turn what might overwhelmed individuals into actionable items, things that are going to grow your business."

"I'm here to speak about Marcin. I have just worked with Marcin on a couple things with some internet marketing problems that i had. And i have to tell you that Marcin is really authentic… you brought up a perspective to me today that really kind of brought a shift into my mindset."
Tasha Cooney
Video Marketing Expert
Steven Bransfield
Coach, 7 Figure Marketer
"I got the opportunity to see him speak on stage just recently. And I met him one year ago almost today and seeing how far he's become he's absolutely amazing I mean he is absolutely killing it in the business.

Having somebody like Marcin who's running his own traffic, knows that was working out strategies. Being able to partner with somebody like that is going to help you accelerate your income, accelerate your growth, you know, shortcut your path to success. So my best advice for you is reach out to Marcin right now."

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